RTS PRO Usage Guide

RTS PRO uses a self defense mechanism to protect your Device from any unauthorised attempt made to access the device.
The defense mechanism is categorised into two categories (A) Device Trigger & (B) SMS Trigger

(A) Device Trigger

Whenever the device detects a threat of unauthorized access it will capture the location & Image and send it to the Emergency Contact number.  Drop Alert, Wrong Password & Restrict Power Off uses the Device trigger mechanism.

(B) SMS Trigger

The device security mechanism can also be triggered through SMS using the Security Code set by the owner. The SMS pattern will be <TriggerName> <space> <security_code> and then Send the SMS to the mobile number (without the <>). SMS triggers for the features are shown below with 1234 as security code.

1.  Receive CALL from  Device : CALL 1234

2. Lock Device : LOCK 1234

3. Make device Ring: ALERT 1234

4. Get device Location: LOCATION 1234

5. Get device status: STATUS 1234

6. Capture image: CAPTURE 1234